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On Spaceflightbooking.com you can find information about spaceflights, accommodation, transportation, attractions and things to do in the world of space travelling. Since space travel in Earth orbit is getting much more accessible to individuals - even lunar tourism is likely in these days - the space theme is becoming more and more important through all layers of society. Our main objective is to provide complete, timely and useful information about space travelling. The website was created and is maintained by interested space adventurers. We hope our website will be useful and motivate you in participating space travel activities. It´s an amazing world, so please join our social media and keep in touch with us. Enjoy!

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Zero Gravity Corporation is an American company based which operates weightless flights from United States airports. Since 2004 more than 5,000 passengers have been on weightless flights run by the company. Read more

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American pop star Gaga, 28, is set to perform on a Virgin Galactic flight next year which wi...
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At the moment we are building a new website for travel agency Spaceflightbooking.com. The ...
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June 30, 2014, Mojave, CA — XCOR Aerospace announced today that it has closed the acquisition of a...
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It was the main discussion of the debat in March on Space Expo Noordwijk, where a conservative po...
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Men on the moon and robotic carts on Mars are far away from us, but space exploration has a signi...
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If you were to ask a classroom of second graders who want to be an astronaut, then chances are...
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