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In the next few years surborbital spacecrafts will transport scientific payloads and passengers into space. The people that will fly into suborbital space will have a world-class adventure, which will allow them a look that will bring a lifetime´s memory. And above all things, this flight is a psychological event. People who fly into space, thinking of that moment differently about their life or the entire universe. This effect could be observed especially at the Apollo astronauts, partly they talked about ´divine experiences´. However, it is on your own how to react to this ultimate speed and adventurous event.

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Spaceflight SS2

by Virgin Galactic

SpaceShipTwo will have a cew of six passengers and two pilots and it has enough large windows for everyone to have a perfect view on Earth from space. Communication between the pilots and passengers goes through wireless headsets. The spaceship takes-off tethered beneath the mothership WhiteKnightTwo. The ascent to launch altitude takes more than an hour. Once released from the mothership on a height of 15km, the spacecraft will take sufficient distance before the pilot ignites the rocket engine...
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