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During a balloon flight there is more time to experience and to share the spaceflight experience than with a suborbital vehicle. Instead of a handful of minutes, you get 2 hours to enjoy the beautiful view. Rocket flights go for the "rollercoaster effect" and bloon is opposite of that. It is not for speed demons, but going by a balloon to the upper layers of the atmosphere is just as exciting, while being more comfortable, more peaceful and above all, safer. Slowly you get an ever indescribable feeling and an idea what it's like to see Earth from Space. The balloon is at an altitude of 36km and that is enough to experience virtually the same view as from a height of 100km with a suborbital vehicle or from the ISS at 400km. The sky is black, the stars and the sun shine at the same time, the blue line of the atmosphere shimmers below, the view of the Earth is breath-taking.

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Spaceflight Bloon

by Bloon

The flight accommodates 4 guests in a luxurious and comfortable pod with panoramic windows. The ascent is the most crucial phase. Calm and beautiful weather is a requirement. The flight up takes about two hours. Then you stay at cruise altitude for 2 hours to take in the view, have a drink, eat a meal, listen to music, share this special moment in the way you want. To come back to Earth, the balloon separates and the pod lands with a special guided parachute. During descent you get half a minute...
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Spaceflight World View

by World View Enterprises

The US Federal Aviation Administration has determined that the technical challenges facing the pressurized capsule are essentially the same as those met in low-earth orbit. They are requiring that the capsule be designed and tested as if it were going to have long-term exposure in space, although it is never intended to operate at altitudes higher than 30 km. It will not, however, have to follow the rules and procedures governing launch of suborbital rockets, as the World Vi...
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