American pop star Gaga, 28, is set to perform on a Virgin Galactic flight next year which will take fliers to the edge of space - and she wants Bowie to join her.

Lady Gaga plans to take her out-of-this-world style to new heights by duetting with David Bowie... in space. The pop queen has been booked to sing on a Virgin Galactic flight in 2015 which will take well-heeled high fliers to the edge of space and back. The Born this Way star, 27, is now after a live-link with reclusive Starman rocker Bowie. A source said: “Gaga wants David to perform as she knows what a legend he is and what an amazing talking point it would be. But will he agree to do it? “Organisers will have a fortune to throw at him. But getting him to say yes might be another matter.”

Doubts surround the project because father-of-two Bowie, 67, stopped touring after a heart attack on stage in Germany in 2004, with his last performance at a charity bash with Alicia Keys in 2006. Last year Bowie refused a multi-million pound offer to play the Olympic Park in East London. Even if she can’t persuade the Ziggy Stardust legend to team up with her, Gaga is thrilled at the prospect of blast-off. She said earlier: “I can’t wait to perform in space. I can’t wait to design the performance. I’ll be the first recording artist to sing in space.” The star hopes to perform during the Zero G Colony festival at Spaceport America in New Mexico after blasting off aboard Sir Richard Branson’s craft. Passengers will experience two min­­utes of weightlessness, after paying an eye-popping £153,000. So far, 700 are believed to have signed up. And the song Lady Gaga will perform? Perhaps a version of her hit You and... High?

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Image Lady Gaga : CC Flickr. by Philip Nelson
Image David Bowie : CC Flickr. by David Shankbone


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